Indie Author Friday – D. Lieber #IndieAuthor #scifi #fantasy #romance

Meet author D. Lieber via the Books and Such blog

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Welcome to Indie Author Friday with today’s featured author, D. Lieber and her book, Conjuring Zephyr!  In just a few lines, she crafts quite an intriguing tale about a penguin in a sombrero – make sure to read below.


Retreating underground to escape a devastating ice age, humans build a new society. When magic is discovered and harnessed for survival, the citizens of Terrenus establish theories and principles of how to use it.

Kai Stephenson is determined to prove magical principles aren’t set in stone. Having lost her younger brother in a tragic accident, she will ensure such accidents never harm anyone else. She enrolls at the most elite university to gain the knowledge she needs to achieve her goal. Overconfident that living as a boy at an all-boys university will only be a minor inconvenience, Kai is convinced her classmates will never discover that she’s a woman. After…

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