To delete now or later that is the question.

Check out this post from Jean’s Writing blog on the subject of crutch words.

Jean's Writing

One question of so many!

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Last week I read a post by one of my fav authors What Am I Working On? Glad You Asked…. His post got me

My internal editor is never quiet.

I go back over and over a chapter, too many times I’m sure before I can continue. Makes my writing process slow as molasses.

What was it about Dan’s post that caught my eye?

Crutch words. Or some of you may know them as filler words.


Dan let his manuscript rest for a year before beginning the editing process and culling out crutch words. Now that’s what I call discipline.

It’s not bad to use these words. They make great place holders for an idea, thought or dialog. However, too many a story makes me look more of an amateur…

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