…for Nevadan Authoress, Leanna F. Falconer, there’s no place like home…

Check out author Leanna F. Falconer from this post on Seumas Gallacher’s blog

Seumas Gallacher

…being able to write across different JONGGRS is a special talent… my Guest Poster today, the highly-talented, Authoress, Leanna (L.F.) Falconer, exhibits more than just a touch of common sense about writing with local knowledge… enjoy…headshot-lf


The settings in my novels have led me into some interesting territories—from the completely mythical realms contained within my dark fantasy series to a harrowing voyage across the North Atlantic in a psychological thriller which ultimately ends at a remote point in the Shetland Islands. My short stories have plunked me dead center into a haunted wood in Eastern Europe, the swampy bayous of the deep American South, and into a far flung dystopian future world in the wilds of Alaska.aa1

It wasn’t until I began to set a few of my short stories in my home state of Nevada, in the remote outlands far beyond the glitz and neon…

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