An Extract from Viper’s Blood by David Gilman

Check out this extract from the book, Viper’s Blood, by David Gilman, courtesy of Linda’s Book Bag blog

Linda's Book Bag


I’m thrilled to be hosting an exciting extract from Viper’s Blood by David Gilman today. Viper’s Blood is part of the Master of War series and is published by Head of Zeus. Viper’s Blood is available for purchase here.

Viper’s Blood


Edward III has invaded France at the head of the greatest host England has ever assembled. But his attempt to win the French crown is futile. The Dauphin will no longer meet the English in the field and the great army is mired in costly sieges, scavenging supplies from a land ruined by decades of conflict.

Facing a stalemate – or worse – the English are forced to agree a treaty. But peace comes at a price. The French request that Blackstone escort their King’s daughter to Italy to see her married to one of the two brothers who rule Milan – the same brothers who killed Blackstone’s family…

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