Morgan and Lady Raven

Check out this new work of fiction from Anna Dobritt’s blog.

Anna Dobritt -- Author

Morgan and Lady Raven

Morgan sat at the table, candlelight illuminating the journals before her. Cail nudged the inkwell closer. “You should be writing instead of staring at the page. You know Lady Raven wants you to keep a journal.”

“I know, but after reading through Dmitri Basarab’s journal, hiding under a rock is a better choice. Listen to this:”

I have finally found a jeweler to work with the pieces of fire-stone I possess. I need nine pendants with each piece of stone carved into the shape of a dagger. One for myself, the others for the inner circle.

The shadow dagger has been made. We tried it out two nights ago; it worked as the instructions said it would. A gateway formed, and two Shadows entered our world. I allowed them free rein in the hamlet to the north, and when they were done killing the occupants, their…

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