The Wedding of Eithne Goodreads Ask the Author Event!

Check out this upcoming Goodreads event with author Michael Dellert from his blog.


Come Join
The Wedding of Eithne
Goodreads Ask the Author Event!

Wedding of Eithne - Goodreads Ask The Author Michael E. Dellert, March 11 2017

On 11 March, 2017, we’ll be hosting a live Q&A on Goodreads with author Michael E. Dellert!

Michael’s well-versed in both the indie and traditional publishing worlds and has been building a devoted, multi-platform audience that’s passionate about the genre.

As a traditional publishing veteran-turned-indie fiction writer, he’s created a Medieval Celtic Fantasy series, the Matter of Manred Saga, that to date includes three works: Hedge King in WinterA Merchant’s Tale, and the full-length novel The Romance of Eowain.

These heroic action-adventures are a deeply imagined fantasy milieu like few others. Become engrossed in this medieval dystopia of feuding savage tribes, petty hedge-kings, and the merchants and brigands that fight to make a living among them, even as dark forces awaken in world drenched in sword-and-sorcery adventure.

Watch the book trailers for all three works here to get…

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