Mystery Mondays: Lily Black on Riding the Authorial Rollercoaster

Author Lily Black is the Mystery Mondays feature on Kristina Stanley’s blog.

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storm-of-attraction-hi-resWelcome to Mystery Mondays. Today we’ll go on an emotional ride with author Lily Black.

Let’s give her a gift by sharing this post and helping her spread the word about her debut novel Storm Of Attraction!

Riding the Authorial Rollercoaster (without losing your breakfast) in three easy steps by Lily Black

As writers and authors, we’ve willingly stepped away from the midway games, with their big fluffy teddy bear prizes. We’ve scarfed down the last of our cotton candy, and asked someone else to hold our hat and coat. We’ve climbed on a rollercoaster, because that’s just what being a writer and author feels like.

Early on, I thought this was a temporary state. That once I got comfortable writing books, it would get easier. Once I had a solid critique group. After I signed an agent, or after my first book was published. But I’ve done…

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