Do you see yourself in the characters you write?

Check out this great post from Jean’s Writing Blog. Do you put elements of yourself into your characters?

Jean's Writing

Would someone reading your book see you?

No, not talking about a memoir. I’m talking about the characters in your book.

Well, not sure I’d want people to think of me as a murder or a love-sick, silly woman. However, with all the blood sweat and tears that cover my manuscript, I’m sure I’ve left pieces of myself in the story.


But, I think if we leave behind a tiny bit of ourselves, we can humanize even the villain. When we add some of our traits and quirks to a character it enables the reader to relate. They want to justify bad behavior they recognize in Uncle George or the wild-child they remember from their youth.

Go ahead, leave something of yourself recognizable in all the characters. After all, we are very complex creatures.

So if you see a starry-eyed optimism in one character and in another a smart-ass bitch, yep, they’re both…

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6 thoughts on “Do you see yourself in the characters you write?

  1. There is always truth in fiction.
    I wrote a story called Sins of A Good Girl. All fictional but she did some things in there that probably will make someone look at me differently.
    She did things I wanna do to people sometimes…well…all the time.
    Her personality was me definitely.
    Even though she had a crazy side…beyond crazy…she did have a calm side and a good side too. All me…*wink*

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