Review: “The House by the Lake” by Thomas Harding

Check out this review of the book, The House by the Lake, by Thomas Harding


The House by the Lake | [Thomas Harding]
  • The House by the Lake
  • byThomas Harding
  • Narrated byMark MeadowsI listened to this on audio and was disappointed when I realised that this was not fiction. The book depicts the history of this house near Berlin which saw inhabitants from the mid 1800s whose lives together make up a history lesson about Germany. German society and politics under the Kaiser, before and after WW1 and WW2 are illustrated through the series of owners and inhabitants of the house, including the author’s ancestors.
    Especially the early parts of the book were interesting, although much of the personal details of the various inhabitants seemed unnecessary and almost intrudive; the descriptive details were often too many and too concise to keep my attention all of the times.
    The stories about the house after WW2 began to be more interesting again, with a variety of information about life in Eastern…

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