Sins of the Father by @SherylBrowne #review @choclituk

Check out this review of the book, Sins of the Father, by Sheryl Browne from the Portobello Book Blog.

Portobello Book Blog

Sins of the Father ebook by Sheryl Browne

I was lucky enough to read this book quite a few months ago when it was still at the stage of being considered for publication by ChocLit under their Death by ChocLit label. I didn’t know at the time it was written by Sheryl Browne, whose romance novels I really love. Sins of the Father is the sequel to After She’s Gone which was published on Tuesday. Sins of the Father will follow next week on 28th February.

I LOVED this book. It is a terrific thriller that I literally couldn’t put down! The main character DI Matthew Adams’ life goes out of control when he is set up by someone to makes it look like he has committed a terrible crime. The story follows his desperate attempts to prove his innocence, especially to his wife Rebecca, while the person who is out to get him has plans which put…

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