Check out this post on Sylvia Hubbard’s blog for the Fiverr site. She used it to help with book marketing (something I haven’t tried yet). I have used the services on this site to create all of my book covers and trailers.

The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard

My initial article My book marketing experiment by spending $10 on was well received but I decided on an update.

fiverr1What is Fiverr?

My definition is that is a site you can get any service LEGAL for five dollars.

If you never thought of making money on the Internet, then you’re sadly missing out on the most perfect extra income in the world. Or at least gas money (for a week). LOL

Don’t have a million dollar budget? Don’t even have a hundred dollar budget to market your books?

Fiverr has great book marketing campaigns authors should try.

All results vary.

Click here to search for a book marketing fiverr.

This time I used Seller: fourz_media. Like I’ve said before I do like the US sellers more. I’ve had misspelled words with foreign sellers.

I also look for good reviews and if I can find the author…

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