The Barn

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Anna Dobritt -- Author

The Barn

“Caw! Caw! Caw!” The stillness of the morning broke with the crows sending out their call.

Ben and Fred glanced towards the old barn on the edge of their property, Ben shaking his head. “Hells bells! Want to bet it’s another body?” He watched the scavengers wheel in the air, diving toward the ground, and then climbing without landing.

Fred smiled wryly. “No bet, brother mine. Maybe we should call cousin Cassie this time, instead of the sheriff. At least she won’t haul us in for questioning.”

“True. She knows more about the weirdness going on than the police.”

“It’s possible the body is some animal, instead of a human.” Fred drained his coffee mug.

“Nope. The crows refuse to land. Whatever is there is like the others,” Ben said.

Fred stood. “We should go check before we call anyone.”

Nodding, Ben followed his twin down the back…

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