Road Tales/Rode Tails (23)

Check out this tale from my good friend Armond Blackwater. He is one of the most talented people that I know and his blog is worth following.

Armond Blackwater

From Nice to Naughty

Ninth grade brought more of the same juvenile bullshit from most of my classmates. Tacks were still being placed on chairs. Taps were still being attached to heels only to have them removed by school officials. Caps were still popped in class under those tap heels. Smartasses made still made cracks when the teacher turned toward the blackboard. Bullies still pulled girls pigtails. Jocks still made fart noises with hands in armpits. Glaciers moved at a faster rate than most of the kids matured. Life in the teenage warehouse grew more absurd by the day.

However, a few of the more talented kids in the class separated themselves from the maddening crowd. These were the kids that I naturally gravitated toward. It came as some solace that I wasn’t the only person passing through a major transitional phase in 1967.

I practiced daily for several hours…

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