The Wrong Turn by NC Marshall

Check out this review for the book, The Wrong Turn, by N.C. Marshall from the By The Letter Book Reviews blog.


34117937.jpgBook Description:

All roads lead to the truth…

When Megan Cooper is rescued from a terrible car accident, she can’t believe how lucky she has been. Now, she is desperate track down the stranger who saved her life.

DCI Tony Morgan thought he had seen the back of his old career, but when he receives a call from his ex-boss to tell him there has been a hit and run in the area, leaving a young woman trapped in a burning car and left for dead, he knows that he must return to help investigate.

Meanwhile, Megan sets out to track down the man who pulled her from the car that night, all the while developing a strange infatuation towards him. Finally, they come face to face.

As secrets are revealed and the truth starts to emerge, it is soon discovered that Megan is still in danger and that the…

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