Photography 101: Photographing High Contrast Subjects

Here is another of Stephen Dennstedt’s photography tips from his blog. This one discusses high-contrast subjects.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

hr-bw-img_8236 Stephen F. Dennstedt

Anytime you’re dealing with high contrast in subjects exposure can be tricky. Empirical wisdom suggests that you expose for the highlights and work the shadows in post. For the most part I agree with that advice. With today’s full-frame CMOS sensors (typically 30 MP and up) this becomes easier, if you’re using a crop-sensor APS-C camera (usually around 20 MP) the situation becomes a little more problematic.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing is always an option of course but the result often looks contrived and fake when not done well. Top of the line camera bodies today do a great job of capturing dynamic range while controlling digital noise. I’m a Canon shooter so that would include cameras like the: EOS 1Dx Mark II, 5D Mark IV and even the crop-sensor 7D Mark II. Nikon and Sony have even better sensors on their top of the line…

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