No Trespassing

Here’s a great short piece from Anna Dobritt from her blog.

Anna Dobritt -- Author

No Trespassing

A loud splash interrupted the checker game between Frank and Ben. A creature covered in grayish green scales raised its head from the water, and a plaintive cry filled the air.

“Looks like Bessie is wanting dinner,” Frank said.

“Yup. You want to flip for it?” Ben pulled out a coin.

“Not with your coin. I keep losing.”

“Fine, we’ll use one of yours.”

Frank brought out a quarter. “Call it.” He tossed it into the air.


The coin hit the ground, heads up. “Shit. Which one should I choose?”

“Give her the whiner,” Ben said.

Frank walked to a shed and dragged out a man. “Sorry about this, but the sign said ‘No Trespassing’. Nothing personal, you understand, but we like our privacy.”

“Wait! No! You don’t understand. I have a story to file. My editor…” He spotted the reptilian head watching the shore. “Oh my…

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