Check ou this guest post from Geoff Le Part from The Story Reading Ape blog on the topic of flash fiction

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When I started blogging in 2014 one thing I discovered pretty much immediately was flash fiction. I came to blogging to enhance my writing. Up to then my focus had been predominantly novels and, to a lesser extent, poetry. I tried a few short stories, about 5000 words but, if I had heard of flash fiction I certainly hadn’t given it any thought.

To begin with I thought it gimmicky. How can you write a story in so few words? I knew of Hemmingway’s famous (though maybe apocryphal) 6 word story: ‘For sale, baby shoes, never worn’. Which was very clever and all that, but surely there couldn’t be a meaningful structure that could constitute the super short story?

Still, I mused, if so many were trying it, where was the harm? After all, one of my personal challenges is…

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