The Cave

Check out this short story from Anna Dobritt that she posted on her blog.

Anna Dobritt -- Author

The Cave

Near the door to the interrogation room, Michael Penrick read the report the police chief gave him. ‘Bodies dismembered and scattered around the cave. Investigators discovered a bloody knife in the area. A patrol officer arrested the blood-covered suspect on Gladys Avenue. He offered no resistance when taken into custody. Suspect asked for cigarettes.’

A uniformed officer nodded to him, turning to open the door. Detective Penrick entered the room bearing a notepad, bottle of water, and two candy bars. Two chairs faced each other across the table, one occupied by the suspect. Michael sat in the other back to the door.
“I see they let you get cleaned up.” He placed the items down, studying the young man’s face. Splashes of blood were in his hair and on his forehead. At least he got most of it off. “Help yourself. I know you asked for cigarettes, but…

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