Photography 101: Photojournalism vs Other

Check out Stephen Dennstedt’s latest post on the distinction between Photojournalism and other types of photography.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

885756_830581123663491_378352687033749097_o Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photojournalism or editorial photography is different. And there are ethics involved. Unfortunately, ethics today are falling by the wayside in this new world of fake news. The Senior Photo Editor at STAT News magazine recently reminded me how important it is to be honest with your work. Photojournalism has to be real and not posed or faked.

Whether you’re shooting for a newspaper, online publication, Getty Images or the wire services the viewing public trusts you to be honest. Unlike other genres of photography photojournalism is not about art or creative license. Anytime you shoot in a documentary style it’s incumbent on you, the photographer, to retain photographic integrity.

I am very grateful to this particular editor for reminding me that editorial photography has strict guidelines. It wasn’t a breach of ethics on my part but an unintentional faux pas. Having shot for a newspaper I…

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