Do you think it’s easy to find a book reviewer?

Having trouble finding reviewers for your book. Check out these tips from Jean’s Writing blog

Jean's Writing

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s not!

Some writers/bloggers indicate it’s easy to locate willing reviewers. I’m here to tell you it is not. No not easy at all.

I’m not sure if finding reviewers is different that finding people to review a children’s book.

While following all the tips I could find on getting a valuable review, I still found it difficult.

books-read-1900467_640Image Source

So what have I learned?

  • Don’t ask a quid-per-quo. You read mine, I’ll read yours.
  • Writers are busy writing. To stop and read my book takes time from their writing.
  • Blogs dedicated to book reviews are swamped with requests. I found most have a “no longer accepting” note on the blog.
  • Contacting a generalized and not to mention lengthy list from Amazon is exhausting. Results are a shotgun effect.
  • To move the needle and generate book sales, you need a lot of…

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