Check out this great guest post by Jaq D. Hawkins on the Story Reading Ape blog.

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It isn’t just a byproduct of the digital publishing age. From the time that book publishing became available to the masses instead of just royalty and the super rich, countless people have asserted that they have a book in them, all they need do is write it.

Many give as reasons that they have something to say or just have a need to express themselves. However, if you look at the sales figures for books over the last couple of centuries, the largest majority fall into the category of good old fashioned storytelling.

Storytelling pre-dates the printed page. As long as there has been civilisation, teaching as well as entertainment through storytelling has been a common method among peoples all over the planet for conveying information or enjoyment from one generation to the next. In our modern world, both are often accomplished through books.

If you write non-fiction books, it…

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