13 Week Rewrite, Week Five: Beginning the Middle

Here is a great post from Michael Dellert on a topic that is one of the most difficult when writing a novel, dealing with the middle. Check out this helpful post.


Over the last four weeks, you’ve written a new outline, rewritten the new beginning of your manuscript, explored the counter-arguments in your story, and your hero has made an irrevocable decision. Now it’s time to rewrite the middle.

Your hero’s entered a brave new world. He’s made a decision he can’t go back on, and everything he thought he understood about the world is all new again.

Start with Some Questions

Before you dig into this week’s rewriting, ask these questions of your story and your hero.

  1. How has the hero’s world changed as a consequence of the decision he’s made to go forward and solve the story-plight?
  2. How has his decision raised the stakes?
  3. How has he grown or changed already since the beginning of the story?
  4. How are your worthy and nefarious villains standing in his way and keeping him from what he wants?
  5. How has…

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