Seven More Authors You Need To Meet Right Now

Meet seven authors that are part of Project Ancora from Allison Maruska’s blog

Allison Maruska

Before Project Liberatio came out, I published a Five Authors You Need To Meet Right Now post, through which you met some talented authors who have been kind enough to support my work.

knowledge-1052010_1280With Project Ancora just weeks away from release, I want to introduce you to seven more such authors, who have critiqued, written blurbs (for PA and for a few older titles), helped with marketing, and are generally amazing and gifted people who I am happy to have in my writing tribe.

As with the first post, since you can read their official bios by following their social media links, I’m putting a more personal spin on their descriptions.

Author 1 – Leah Vernon

leahLeah is the talented young author of Impure, a YA dystopian novel that completely blew me away. But that’s just the beginning of Leah’s accomplishments. She’s a fashionista with her very own YouTube…

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