Get To Know… Author Andrew Barrett

Learn about author Andrew Barrett from the By The Letter book Reviews blog


Delighted to be joined today by a local author to me, Andrew (Andy) Barrett.

unnamed-14Don’t hold it against me, but I write crime fiction. My name is Andrew (Andy) Barrett and I’m just the wrong side of fifty; I can feel the slope growing steeper and more slippery. I began writing in the 80s but turned to writing crime fiction in 1996 after landing a job as a CSI. It was a match made in heaven that combined by love of writing and my new-found love of messing about in crime scenes. How lucky am I?

Under my belt are a trilogy and a series. The trilogy features a Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO – that’s what we used to be called), Roger Conniston. The series, which is still growing, features CSI Eddie Collins. Those who know me say I’m a bit like him, only watered down. He’s a sarcastic…

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