A Staggering Milestone

About a year ago, with 10 followers, I started getting serious about my blog. I wanted to help other authors and get to meet people who enjoy reading and writing as much as I do.

I have exceeded this goal and then some. I have met a wonderful community of people. I have discoveredย no selfish competition or backstabbing. Other bloggers have reached out and have been helpful.

After exactly a year, I woke to this message on WordPress this morning:

You’ve received 1,000 follows on Don Massenzio’s Blog


I just wanted to thank all of you that have been so generous and helpful over the last year. I couldn’t have reached this milestone without you.

I will continue to follow and interact with all of the wonderful blogs, many of them with much larger followings, as I have been. My goal for 2017, however, is to help those with fewer followers gain a following. Look for reblogs of some of these wonderful, undiscovered sites in the coming months along with some exciting new ventures.

Thanks again,


58 thoughts on “A Staggering Milestone

  1. That’s amazing, and very heartening, Dan! I have to say that I have met many lovely people since starting my journey as a writer, and I enjoy learning how others started out and how they’ve progressed. With so many writer’s guides for sale online, it is comforting to discover that not everyone has their eyes firmly fixed on the monetary value of everything they post. Your enthusiasm and kindness is infectious, and I look forward to exploring your blog.

    Best wishes in all that you do!

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