13-Week Rewrite, Week Four: The Decision

Here is a helpful post from Michael Dellert’s blog on the topic of rewrites


Hi, welcome back! Last week, we explored the counter-argument to your story, the resistance that your heroine faces in pursuit of a solution to the story-problem. This week, you’ll push past this point to the hero’s irreversible decision to continue on this fool’s errand, despite the worthy antagonists and counter-arguments that stand in his way.

The Hero’s Decision

The end of Act One (or the first 25% of your story, if you’re working in a different Act Structure) is where your heroine decides to go forward and solve the story problem set up by the inciting incident. By this time, the heroine has encountered the opposition posed by the counter-argument of the worthy antagonist. As a consequence, notice that there’s an opportunity for a moment of reluctance on your heroine’s part here.

Even though your heroine makes a decision that propels her into Act Two, the fear and reluctance that…

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