Goodreads Giveaway— Pairs at Nationals

Check out this Goodreads giveaway courtesy of Marcia Meara’s blog.

The Write Stuff

Hi everyone— Has anyone ever done a Goodreads Giveaway?  It’s an easy way for people to discover your novel.  And who knows, some might even be intrigued enough to buy it if they don’t win.  Right now, from today through March 8th, I’m doing a Goodreads Giveaway for my book, Pairs at Nationals.  Anyone  can enter to win one of five copies (an author chooses how many).  All you have to do is go to and put Pairs at Nationals in the Search box.  Then scroll down and click on Enter Giveaway.  That’s it!  Goodreads chooses the winners at random, and I’ll send each of them an autographed copy of the book. There’s nothing to lose!  Many thanks from me, Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt, for checking it out—and happy reading (when you’re not writing) !

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