…Authoress, June Gundlack, allows me to invade her blog…

Check out this guest post by Seumas Gallacher as he appears on June Gundlack’s blog.

Seumas Gallacher

…with nary a regard for her reputation, my friend, Authoress, June Gundlack, lets me traipse all over her LUVLY blog pages…

‘Visiting Today’ – Seumas Gallacher

Speaking in his own, inimitable language about life as an author.  

Hello Seumas, and a warm welcome to London.  Where do I start?  Your life has been far from dull, and your writing is a dizzy contrast from the world of finance to writing crime thrillers! Or…

You call yourself a computer Jurassic, Seumas – yet your social media presence portrays anything, but.  You have taken the role of ‘building a platform’ to new heights.  How did you start?  Marketing anything is difficult and needs a keen eye and ear to find the niche that might take the product from just an idea to achieving respect and success and then making that…

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