This Week in Indie Publishing

art-1Want to Succeed at Self-Publishing? Don’t Be a Cheapskate:

Tips from an Indie Author

Eighteen months after being introduced to nature photography, Mike MacDonald’s work was published in Outdoor Photographer and Chicago Wilderness. This is how he began both his love affair with the natural beauty of Chicago and his self-publishing journey.

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art2Is Amazon Kindle Cheating Self-Published Authors?

Five crafty tactics Amazon uses to lure unsuspecting authors

So, you are about to self-publish a book in e-book or print-on-demand format. It seems like a no-brainer to sign an exclusive contract with Amazon Kindle, and up goes your book to Amazon’s vast online audience. After all, presumably they own 60 or 70% of the e-book market. This super rich company has overall product revenues of more than $107 billion and more than 304 million active customer accounts worldwide.  But are they playing fair with the average author dreaming of selling a million copies of his or her e-book?

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Young author self-publishes children’s book

When 9-year-old Emerson Birchmeier found two roly-poly bugs and couldn’t keep them as pets like she wanted, she kept them another way: in a story.

“I went underwater in the pool and saw two roly-polys,” the Cardiff-by-the-Sea girl said. “I wanted to help them because the walls were too steep and I saw them moving. I got them out and let them go. But I really wanted to keep them.”

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Demystifying the publishing process

Jessica Clark and Alison Cantrell, a pair of grad students in their second year in the graduate program in Book Publishing at Portland State, have spent many busy months preparing for and organizing the ninth annual Write to Publish conference. The conference, hosted by the English Department’s not-for-profit publishing house Ooligan Press, takes place all day Feb. 4 in Smith Memorial Student Union. The event aims to demystify the publishing process for the public and give emerging writers insight into the professional world.

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How print beat digital in the book world

If the media industry needed proof that it moved too quickly to devalue its print products on the way to chasing digital audiences, the book industry has been making a convincing case in the last few years.

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