Review: “Diary of a Young Jewish Girl: World War II Hungary 1941-1946” by Madelaine D. Lang

Check out this review of the book, Diary of a Young Jewish Girl by Madelaine D. Lang courtesy of Christoph Fischer’s blog


A most captivating and intriguing true story of a young Jewish girl’s life during a World War, and how she survived the Holocaust. Coming from a privileged background at first it seems the story of a girl dropping from riches to rags, yet safe and protected and able to lead a modest life. So while, in light of worse fortunes, at first this didn’t engage me as much as I thought it would, the pace changes and the circumstances change from unjust and inconvenient to life-threatening.Diary of a Young Jewish Girl Audiobook

Through the pages of this rediscovered and recently translated diary, we find ourselves in the midst of a wartime drama in Budapest, Hungary, as a teenage girl evades capture, ultimately escapes, and emigrates to America.

I will say that the book is a diary and therefor often misses long periods of historic events and background information, as a diary wouldn’t tell the things the…

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