An Interview with Ashley Borodin, author of The Jealous Flock

Enjoy this interview with author Ashley Borodin courtesy of Linda’s Book Bag blog

Linda's Book Bag


I’m welcoming Ashley Borodin to Linda’s Book Bag today to tell me about his novel The Jealous Flock and to explain more about his motivation for writing. The Jealous Flock was published by Lulu on 4th January 2017 and is available for purchase in ebook and paperback from your local Amazon site.

The Jealous Flock


Forced from their collective comfort zone, all three members of Martin’s family come face to face with the realities that underpin their urbane way of life. Each is faced with a paradox that will test their belief in themselves and their image of the tolerant, liberal society they believe they inhabit.

An epic in miniature, The Jealous Flock takes readers from the cloistered air of Professional London through the harsh realities of the Middle East and on to the culture war simmering beneath the surface in Australia.

Through their interwoven narratives each character tries to…

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