Get To Know… Author S E Lynes

Meet author S.E. Lynes courtesy o f the By The Letter Book Reviews blog


Please give a warm welcome to today’s Get To Know author, Susie Lynes.

unnamed-8I’m from the north of England. I’m married with three kids: 18, 17 and 11. I’ve lived in Runcorn, Leeds, Spain, Paris, London, Aberdeen, Rome and now Greater London. I started writing ten years ago, when I returned from Rome (we lived there for 5 years) with my family. In Aberdeen I worked as a radio producer for the BBC. And yes, my husband is in the oil industry and did indeed work offshore. I now teach creative writing to adults at Richmond Adult Community College, mentor novelists and sometimes host open mic nights for my students. I had written three novels before I finally broke through with Valentina, which was published July 2016.

You can keep up to date with S E Lynes and her books on the following sites:




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