Do you want to know your writing type?

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Jean's Writing

What is your writing process? How do you begin?

Do you envision the story in pictures?

Search for answers to questions inquiring minds want to know?

Do you brainstorm? Grab a subject, topic or character and launch the story from there.

brainstorm-seminar-1358408_640Image Source

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and already know the answer. But until recently I wasn’t sure how or where I got my story ideas. Thanks to one of my readers Eva Blaskovic, another visual writer for a reminder.

For me sometimes it starts with a question or a topic but then it grows and percolates like good coffee until I begin to see scenes in my head. Sort of like snapshots of movies.

snapshots image source

Often late at night these pictures flash in my head and keep me awake until I draft it on paper. Hmm, maybe that is a haunting.

However, putting visual scenes into…

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