Mystery Mondays Review: “The Silent Quarry” by Cheryl Rees-Price #LlandeiloLitFest

Check out the book, Frozen Minds, by Cheryl Rees-Price courtesy of Christoph Fischer’s blog


silent-quarry“The Silent Quarry” is a very cleverly plotted gem.  An episode set in the past is revisited, a terrible crime committed in said Quarry in a quiet village in Wales, with the survivor hinting at the horrors suffered.

Then the clock winds forward and we move into the life of said victim,  28 years later, when a new crime is committed with links to the old. Memory loss and recovery are used excellently, the suspense and the mystery are very well handled throughout and maintain a draw into the book that is hard to resist.

I read this at a very busy time in my life but once I had started I could simply not stop. Very well written without the need for excessive cliff-hangers or reader manipulation this is a very enjoyable thriller. The characters are well chosen, from the detective to the victim.With some dark parts and some…

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