A Day in the Life of @TAWilliamsBooks #guestpost @fayerogersuk

Check out this guest post from T.A. Williams that gives us insight into a day in his life courtesy of the Portobello Book blog

Portobello Book Blog

I’m very pleased to welcome TA Williams back to blog. He has visited before and you can read his previous post here and my review of his What Happens in Cornwall here. His latest book, Chasing Shadows, is a departure from his previous books as it is partly a historical novel. It was published as an e-book on 16th January and is currently only £1.99 for a Kindle copy which you can order here: Chasing Shadows

A day in the life of TA Williams

Since I gave up the day job, I find myself commanded by the sun. By this I mean that my body responds to the light of dawn, so in winter I probably don’t get up until seven thirty or eight o’clock, while in summer I’m often up and about at six. So, with that caveat, here’s what one of my “typical” days might look like.

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