Get To Know… Author Ross Greenwood

Learn about author Ross Greenwood via the By The Letter Book Reviews blog


I am delighted to have Ross Greenwood as my Get To Know author on my blog today.

unnamed (9).jpgI think I’d always wanted to write a book. That makes me one of the world’s ponderers as I didn’t start it until I was 36. I had an idea about a group of friends who struggled with their loyalties to each other as things went wrong. My daughter was born and a full time job as a prison officer got in the way after I had done 50 pages. I almost threw it out too.

Then I chatted to a guy at work and decided to finish it. This time I was determined. I ended up having to get up at 4.30 every morning to do so. Lazy Blood was born. That felt like the book I had to write. There is a lot of me in the main character; Will. (Not…

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