Is ‘One Note’ a Writer’s Tool?

Check out this great post from The Writer’s Treasure Chest blog on using OneNote as a writing tool.

Writer's Treasure Chest


Is ONE NOTE really a Writer’s Tool? As I writer, my answer to this question is definitely YES.

For quite a while I had been looking for a way to take my notes with me. As many people nowadays I adjusted to modern technology. I work on my desktop at home, I’ve got my tablet to work when I’m on the road, and occasionally in small breaks, I might take a couple notes on my phone. But my smartphone isn’t a very practical work tool. Don’t misunderstand me. I love it, and I wouldn’t give it away, it connects me to the world, like so many others. But as for writing: nearly useless.

When taking notes, I might as well carry my paper scratch book and write a couple sentences down there. I’m faster, and I can write as big as I want without ruining my eyesight.

A while back…

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