A Facebook Cheat Sheet Infographic (Guest Post by Rebecca Hill of TechWyse)…

Here are some great tips for Facebook formatting of your ads and posts from Rebecca Hill via The Story Reading Ape blog

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

rebecca-hill_01Rebecca Hill from TechWyse

Facebook provides businesses and individuals with an easy way to create brand awareness, promote their products and extend their reach.

Whether you are planning an event, trying to create an online presence or boosting your social media footprint, you should include an image with your posts.

However, Facebook has image guidelines that most people don’t know about. The infographic shown below was created by TechWyse to give you an in-depth explanation of how to access Facebook’s recommended image sizes and dimensions.

With the below cheatsheet your team of social media professionals and graphic designers can easily create Facebook-approved images for mobile ads, profile pictures and shared images.

Since Facebook runs on a continuously updated platform, even the most advanced social media experts and graphic designers encounter difficulty when it comes to image creation.

Facebookalso recently made changes to their business pages, video size, and even event…

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