Three Practical Reasons Why Creativity-Based New Year’s Resolutions Are a Very Bad Idea (And What To Do Instead)

Here is a great post from Ryan Lanz’s blog on avoiding creativity based new year’s resolutions. I made some and now I’m rethinking them. How about you?

A Writer's Path


by Pekoeblaze

First of all, happy New Year everyone. : )  Now that I’ve said that, it’s time to get a little bit more cynical. Don’t worry, there are several good reasons for this that I hope will become obvious later and – with any luck – will actually help you to make better creativity-based resolutions. Even though they (hopefully) won’t be “New Year’s resolutions”.

But, yeah, the new year can be a time when people feel driven to make creativity-related resolutions like “I’m going to learn how to draw”, “I’m going to write a novel”, “I’m going to start a webcomic” etc…

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