Photography 101: Tough Love and Going Beyond

Here is another informative photography post from Stephen Dennstedt’s blog as he travels the world.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

885756_830581123663491_378352687033749097_o Stephen F. Dennstedt

I know I’ve bombarded you with a ton of photography posts lately. But, hey, I love photography and photographers. And look at the subtitle of this blog: International Photographer Wandering the Globe. I define myself as a photographer, writer and world traveller. So this blog is my vehicle to share those interests with you. I might add lifestyle to those interests—I lead a pretty interesting life. I’m including a long video (Podcast) with a provocative title: Are Pro Photographers Going Extinct?

There are many of you who dream of being a full-time photographer. It was certainly a lifelong dream of mine and now I’m doing it. However the reality is much different from the dream and I think today an aspiring photographer needs to have their head screwed on straight before making the leap to full-time. The business of photography is changing as is the aesthetic

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