Interview with Pen Pals author @MartinGore

Meet author Martin Gore via the Portobello Book blog

Portobello Book Blog


I’m pleased to welcome author Martin Gore to the blog today. Martin’s novel Pen Pals is available as an e-book or paperback and you can order a copy online here.

Your novel, Pen Pals, is set between the 1970s and 2000, why did you choose these specific time periods?

In 1970 I was 13, so the seventies saw the most poignant period of my life, leaving school, building a career and struggling with being socially awkward as the youngest of four brothers in a very male environment. I was raised in a highly charged politicised household. My mother a labour party activist and my father a right wing racist tory. The seventies saw ten years of strikes and class divides, and the ruination of much of our manufacturing base, which is for me the root of our current austerity. Pen Pals gave me the chance to tell that story…

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