Writing Dreams Scenes (That Don’t Make Readers’ Eyes Roll)

Here’s a great post from Dan Alatorre’s blog on writing dream scenes. I’ve been struggling with this lately as I’ve been trying to use them in my “Extra Innings” serial. This post is helpful. Check it out.

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR


Using my unreleased manuscript An Angel On Her Shoulder, I am showing you my techniques for reworking a story into a more readable, more enjoyable piece. It’s 45+ lessons in about 45 days. (To start at Chapter 1, click HERE.)

To view it best, bring up the two versions in different windows and view them side by side to see what was changed.

Then give me your thoughts in the comment section.



By their very nature there are no rules to dreams, so there can’t be a lot of rules to writing dream sequences – except that they not suck.

And most dream scenes suck.

Why? Because we try to be all ethereal, defying logic and physics in our dream scenes. Which is totally fine, because dreams do that. But as readers, we need rules in stories to suspend our disbelief. Gravity has to…

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