Is It Time to Quit Your Day Job and Go Pro

Check out this post from Stephen Dennstedt’s blog and learn how he achieved his dream.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

885756_830581123663491_378352687033749097_o Stephen F. Dennstedt

Are you a Creative? Do you write, do you paint, are you a dancer, an actor, a crafts person, or like me a photographer? Whatever your creative pursuit you probably have dreams or fantasies of doing it full-time. Some would call it going Pro (professional), where your hobby morphs into a full-time career. It’s a wonderful dream and a scary proposition (or at least it can be). I think it’s helpful to listen to others who have made the leap or the transition. It can be done, in fact it’s being done all the time, but it’s not all pie-in-sky. This short video by Matt Granger, professional photographer, gives you some great insights into the process. But it’s equally applicable to other Creatives (not just Photogs).

I think you can have it all in life, just not all at the same time. Life (at least in…

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