Get To Know… Author Robin Roughley

Meet author Robin Roughley courtesy of the By the Letter Book Reviews blog


Today’s Get To Know author is the lovely Robin Roughley. 

unnamed-6Hi, my name is Robin Roughley, author of the DS Lasser crime series.

I suppose for most writers it is something they have wanted to do for a long time, I know it was with me. Having said that, it has never been easier to actually get a book out there than it is today. Back when I started to write, computers were not as commonplace as they are today and you could count on both hands the number of publishers who would consider reading a manuscript by a first-time writer. Thankfully, that has all changed and at least now the indie author has a platform and the chance to build a readership. For me, the road to actually writing a novel was a long one, I started out writing plays as I have always loved dialogue and the thought…

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