Get To Know… Author Robin Roughley

Meet author Robin Roughley courtesy of the By the Letter Book Reviews blog

bytheletter bookreviews

Today’s Get To Know author is the lovely Robin Roughley. 

unnamed-6Hi, my name is Robin Roughley, author of the DS Lasser crime series.

I suppose for most writers it is something they have wanted to do for a long time, I know it was with me. Having said that, it has never been easier to actually get a book out there than it is today. Back when I started to write, computers were not as commonplace as they are today and you could count on both hands the number of publishers who would consider reading a manuscript by a first-time writer. Thankfully, that has all changed and at least now the indie author has a platform and the chance to build a readership. For me, the road to actually writing a novel was a long one, I started out writing plays as I have always loved dialogue and the thought…

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