Trim, Trim, Trim: The Art Of Tightening

Here’s another great post from Dan Alatorre. This one is on trimming your writing.

Dan Alatorre

coverUsing my unreleased manuscript An Angel On Her Shoulder, I am showing you step by step how to rework your story into a more readable, more enjoyable piece – and putting real examples of my own writing out there to highlight it. (To start at Chapter 1, click HERE.)

To view it best, bring up the two versions in different windows and see them side by side, comparing each paragraph and its twin, to see what was changed.

Then give me your thoughts in the comment section.

This chapter needed trimming and tightening. See what we cut and what we saved. (Some of the stuff we didn’t chop may not seem important now, but it will be later.)

Chapter 11 “FINAL”

“Did you call the church?”

Mallory’s words were loud enough for me to hear but quiet enough to not draw our daughter’s attention. Sophie sat at…

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