#BookReview: Everything You Told Me by Lucy Dawson

Check out the book, Everything You Told Me by Lucy Dawson via the Rather Too Fond of Books blog



About the Book

You went to bed at home, just like every other night.
You woke up in the back of a taxi, over 250 miles away.
You have no idea how you got there and no memory of the last ten hours.
You have no phone, no money; just a suicide note in your coat pocket, in your own writing.
You know you weren’t planning to kill yourself.
Your family and friends think you are lying.

Someone knows exactly what happened to you.
But they’re not telling…

My Thoughts

A few weeks ago I received a taxi receipt in the post with a note asking if I’d dropped it. I’ll be honest, it initially made my heart race especially when this receipt had my address on it and was for £400! I then suspected (and hoped!) that it might be marketing for a book so I took to twitter…

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