Writers and Vocabulary

Here is a great post on vocabulary and writers from Shannon Thompson’s blog

Shannon A Thompson

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.”

The famous Stephen King said it, and so many more agree.

I vehemently say this to every writer I know. Why? Because it amazes me how many writers don’t read on a regular basis.

By reading, you’re expanding your creativity, your stories, your life, and even your vocabulary. And your vocabulary is vital.

Today, I wanted to concentrate on expanding your vocabulary and why it’s so important. I’ve sort of written about this before—Writing Tips: Build Your Vocabulary —where I discussed how you should not only read a lot, but pay attention while reading. This includes marking every word or phrase you come across that you’re unsure of, so that you can come back later to study them. I call this a vocabulary study guide.

books-writing-reading-sonja-langfordSo what is my vocabulary study guide?

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2 thoughts on “Writers and Vocabulary

  1. Wonderful post! Between the nun’s at my elementary school gave us five to ten words a day(beyond our vocabulary) which had to be looked up in the dictionary and a written meaning brought back the next day along with our other home work. In my family there were five of us all attending the same school at the same time. We owned one dictionary. You can imagine the scramble to get it first, and we were not allowed to just copy from each other. My parents were as severe as the nuns. Thanks for the memory. :o)

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