Brake Failure by Alison Brodie

Check out the book, Brake Failure by Alison Brodie via the Linda’s Book Bag blog

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Previously, I was delighted to welcome Alison Brodie to Linda’s Book Bag to tell me all about the nightmare of second book syndrome, in a post that was enjoyed by so many blog readers. You can read that post here. I so enjoyed Alison’s lively writing style that I had to read her latest novel Brake Failure. Brake Failure is published today 9th January 2017 and is available for purchase in e-book here.

Brake Failure


“Is it too late to tell him you love him when you’re looking down the barrel of his gun?”

Ruby Mortimer-Smyth is an English debutante, destined for Lady’s Day at Ascot and taking tea at The Savoy. She knows the etiquette for every occasion and her soufflés NEVER collapse.

She is in control of her life, tightly in control … until fate dumps her down in Kansas.

Ruby believes that life is like…

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