Pace: How To Keep Your Reader Interested

Here’s another great post from Dan Alatorre on keeping your reading interested

Dan Alatorre

coverUsing my unreleased manuscript An Angel On Her Shoulder, I am showing you step by step how to rework your story into a more readable, more enjoyable piece – and putting real examples of my own writing out there to highlight it. (To start at Chapter 1, click HERE)

To view it best, bring up the two versions in different windows and see them side by side.

PACE is what DOESN’T make your reader feel like the book dragged.

It keeps them from putting it down. You want that, because if they put it down, they might not pick it up again.

We’ve all done that, right? So avoid that.


  • Keep the chapters short, no more than 3000 words whenever possible, and
  • make sure something interesting happens in each one.

Now, what’s interesting?

That can be a lot of things, but let’s say there are tiers…

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