Crafting A Compelling Story – The Next Chapter of An Angel On Her Shoulder

Another great post from Dan Alatorre on the topic of revising your writing with some great examples

Dan Alatorre

We are explaining various elements of story craft using a new, unreleased manuscript of mine. YOUR input will help shape the final product. View the final version and the original side by side in different tabs, noting where we added and where we trimmed. At the end you’ll get my comments and analysis, learning my process as we go and providing YOUR valuable insights along the way.

I told you the original draft of chapter two was 5000 words, so I cut it in half – and made it two chapters (hence, chapter 2 and chapter 2B).

Here we see what was building where we left off – and get another nice thrill.

(To start at chapter 1, click HERE)

cover not the final book cover

An Angel On Her Shoulder, Chapter 2B (“Final” Version)

There had been a recent rain, so Jimmy said we might find some good…

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